Upcycled Mirror to Chic Chalkboard

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I found this awesome huge mirror at a Goodwill for $6.99! Its roughly 3.5 ft by 2.5 ft. The mirror has been turned into two DIY upcycled projects! The actual glass is being turned into a mosaic…but it’s turning into more of a project than I thought.


If you’re interested in purchasing it, contact me at SalvageSeattle@yahoo.com

Anywho…Let’s get this DIY started.


The first step in this project is removing the backing, and giving the frame a quick sand. And to my amazement, the frame turned out to be plastic. Until I removed the back, I thought the frame was made of wood. So whoever manufactured it…bravo! You definitely fooled me!

After you sand the frame, make sure to wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any and all dust.

Wearing a dust mask would be a good idea at this time!


Next, it’s time to paint. I chose this light mint color called “Robin’s Egg” in a matte finish. I LOVE this color, and I wish the pictures showed it’s true beauty.

Painting with spray paint is super easy. Make sure to use long spray strokes, never leaving the spray in one place. I recommend doing multiple LIGHT coats instead of one thick coat. This way, you can avoid cracking the paint.

Prop the frame off of the ground while painting so it doesn’t stick to your surface.


Next it’s time to paint the chalkboard itself. First make sure to prime your backdrop. (I used the piece of wood in the back of the mirror) For a primer, I just used a paint primer that I found deep in the garage. Any paint primer will do.

Finally, I finished with three light coats of this chalkboard paint I found at Home Depot for $3.95. The handle on the can is an add-on that my dad already had. But it came in handy!

On a side note, I originally tried to make chalkboard paint from directions I found online using latex paint and non-sanded grout. HOWEVER my paint was so old, that it solidified when I mixed in the grout. So that was an absolute FAIL! ….As much as I hate to admit that. And no……I was not very happy about it.

All in all, I LOVED the way this chalkboard turned out!

If you try this easy project out, let me know!

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Items SALVAGED from the Inevitable Seattle Trash Day:

  • Large Mirror
  • Paint and Primor

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