Today in Seattle, being environmentally conscious and improving your carbon footprint seems to be the standard. Even our city’s waste management is requiring us all to compost. Which of course, is a great thing! So now that we all recycle, compost, use energy efficient lightbulbs, and have better gas mileage…what else can we do??

This is why I’ve launched Salvage Seattle. Instead of getting rid of outdated or tarnished furniture and home decor, why not put in a little elbow grease and turn it into something beautiful again? That way, not only is it something we love to use and see everyday, but we can keep it out of a landfill.

It’s time to treasure the things we own! Besides, you spent money on the item at one point, why not keep it around? Then we can avoid spending money on the same thing twice….just to have a new model. (Of course, this might just be my frugal mind at work)

Please take a second to consider what you can do to make your surroundings beautiful again! And of course, you can follow my step by step directions on the projects I have completed.

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